Overlapping ring silos


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Lorandi’s overlapping ring silo is one of the company’s most successful products. We use a special flanging system that is shaped to fit the steel edge of the support ring and couples perfectly with the edge above, giving a perfect seal against atmospheric agents and a solid structure. This idea was developed and tested in the 1970s by Giuseppe Lorandi, the company founder and holder of numerous patents. In today’s global market, this patented system is more useful than ever as it enables us to compete successfully in non-EU countries.
The system can be used with silos up to 5 metres in diameter and can be mounted easily anywhere in the world with the assistance of one of our engineers.
The silos are transported fully dismantled for easy accommodation in containers or lorries, and can be erected and bolted on site.
This kind of silo is also useful nearer to home, when a large storage capacity is required. This is because the diameter can be extended easily and economically to achieve a unit capacity as high as 300 m3.


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