Stainless steel monolithic silos


Pointing skyward, using AISI 304 and AISI 316 technology.
Lorandi’s business since 1952...

Stainless steel monolithic silos imposing steel columns pointing skyward store your raw materials with care.

We only use AISI 304 or 316 certified stainless steel.
Each silo is designed specifically for the site of installation, and certified by our engineers.

Stainless steel is the only material that has no contraindications at all.
Lorandi knows how to mould it skilfully using sophisticated robots to guarantee a perfect result each time, yet it is the detail that makes all the difference.

The silos need to be equipped with various accessories so that they can serve the existing production machinery efficiently.
First of all our silos are extremely safe. They can be fitted with pressure control valves, filters and weighing systems that have to interact with industrial software and passive safety devices on the rare occasions when maintenance is required.
If necessary, silos can also be provided with insulation when they store sensitive materials, or a central dehumidification system.


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Excellence in movement, conveying with care, metering with accuracy. Lorandi’s business since 1952…