Food Division

In the food sector we are specialized in the design and construction of complete lines for reception, storage and mixing.
A priority aspect for our company, is the attention to the Sanitation of products that is guaranteed by the use of “Food Safety” materials, such as AISI 304 stainless steel, allowing us to obtain the MOCA certification, fundamental for use in the food sector.
We realize mixing lines with macro and micro-ingredients, with the help of “GRAVIMIX” gravimetric loss-in-weight dosers, which are designed to obtain a precise and reliable charge, working at sum of weight or batch.
We guarantee maximum flexibility and traceability of production batches, also thanks to our management software “Drive Silos”.
Our range of products allows us to design and implement “tailor-made” technological solutions tailored to the needs and realities of each individual customer, creating plants for new production sites or upgrades of existing plants.
We are able to offer textile Silos ( Trevibox ) for flexible storage of small batches, macro components or mixtures, up to more complex solutions to store and handle large quantities of product.
All our silos, from the simplest textile silos – suitable for “internal” solutions – to the battery of monolithic silos, can be supplied with loading cells, vibrating bottoms with or without discharge fluidification, single or centralized filters as well as different levels of transport automation, both mechanical through augers and pressure transport with the help of rotary valves to maintain flow continuity.
The solutions for product reception and separation are highly flexible, being able to manage the loading/unloading from tank, Big-Bags or 25 kg bags.
We create turnkey solutions, starting from design and providing our support throughout the life of the plant, with maintenance programs, consulting and dedicated customer service.


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