With our silos you can:

  • Optimise space and warehouses.
  • Accelerate the transfer of raw materials.
  • Automate raw material loading, unloading and distribution phases.
  • Reduce fire risk.
  • Eliminate the loss of material on the ground, avoiding accidents.
  • Eliminate waste disposal and the time material remains in sacks.
  • Have strict control of the raw materials warehouse.
  • Improve company logistics.
  • Eliminate the possibility of sacks ripping in yards and the risk of contamination and accidents.
  • Eliminate issues due to atmospheric agents (UV rays, ice, radiation etc.).
  • Eliminate thefts of raw materials.
  • Improve contractual opportunities with suppliers of raw materials.
  • Increase storage for large volumes.
  • Increase company standing.
  • Improve efficiency in purchasing and planning departments, thanks to Industry 4.0 software that enables data to be shared between silos and company management systems.
  • Eliminate forklifts battery recharging and maintenance operations.
  • Improve the work environment by centralising the handling of powder collection.
  • Adopt a closed circuit from the silos unloading system to production machinery, to eliminate contaminants and human error.
  • Invest in a product that holds its value over time and hardly deteriorates.

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