Overlapped rings in stainless steel , Magnelis ® and galvanized steel.

We realize storage silos in overlapped rings in stainless steel AISI 304, Magnelis® steel and galvanized steel. These silos are covered by many patents, and specifically, by the Lorandi beading system, very appreciated for its applications and succesfully installed worldwide. The maximum diameter is about 6000mm and its capacity about 400m³. Suitable for plastic granules, ground flakes and powders storage. Possible customization through a great range of accessories as loading cells, vibrating bottom, level detector, etc. Silos menagement and control take place through the software, developped and owned by Lorandi Silos called Drive Silos®, equipped with PLC and remote solutions. The tranport is a huge benefit and profit, it happens through a container or standard truk and so, suitable for large distance/overseas shipping. Assembly takes place directly to the Customer’s place, with specialized Lorandi staff.


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