Lorandi’s commitment

Environmental protection is a theme to which companies worldwide are now highly attuned.
Lorandi Silos S.r.l. too wishes to help raise awareness of environmental sustainability by making small, meaningful gestures through several projects:

The green project

To make our headquarters greener, the building façade will be completely covered by a vertical garden set up with climbing plants.
While the solution is a symbolic reference to energy-saving, it also aims to limit the impact of the building volume and entails the development of a substructure made of galvanised profiles and stretch-formed metal plates, installed against the façade on which the climbers, planted on the ground, will grow. In no time at all, the climbers will cover the entire surface of the façade, creating a green volume in a green context. This will also help reduce noise pollution and improve thermal insulation.

The green wall

Moreover, drawing on the agricultural land that surrounds us, we will plant a green wall along the perimeter of our building using plants native to the Brescian highlands, which will serve not only to give continuity to the existing trees in the neighbouring park but also to upgrade the section of road.

Renewable sources

Lastly, we will install photovoltaic panels with power up to 300 kW on the roof of the planned new building.

Improved of energy-saving

Reduction of noise pollution

Improved thermal insulation

Upgrade of the section of road

New renewable sources

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