Why choose a Lorandi silos?

Our silos are produced using robots with certified welding processes and high quality, thanks to a tested industrial process. The single unit model produced in Italy has a patented cover based on a convex shape that ensures maximum robustness for walkways, and increased strength in the event of sudden internal pressure changes.

  • For the overlapped ring models we have the patented LOCKED Silos System®, making transport and assembly easy in remote places all over the world, and guaranteeing the complete safety of silage.
  • Silos are assembled by Lorandi personnel using tested, cutting-edge and certified company equipment.
  • Each silo is monitored on request, with a PLC DriveSilos® system, which sends diagnostics to our service and support centre which can be contacted via freephone number.
  • A wide range of materials can be used to build silos, such as stainless steel, aluminium, Magnelis® steel, galvanised steel and HT polyester fabric. The Customer can choose among various diameters and between a single unit structure or a modular silo one, thanks to our patented LOCKED Silos System® edging technology.
  • We have a loadbearing structure protected by two industrial patents with 4 or 6 legs for positioning silos on weighing baskets. It has a unique shape for robustness and versatility, and is endorsed for wind and seismic forces.
  • Another patented system to cool the silo externally in the event of a nearby fire enhances the range of options available.
  • For particular materials that need to be contained in dehumidified environments, we have a circuit that puts dried, filtered air into the silo to keep internal humidity stable.

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