From LORANDI’s experience comes a line of products
and services entirely dedicated to
for the plastics recycling industry.



With LORANDI you can create your own customized plant for the storage, separation, mixing, handling and complete management of recycled plastic materials of different types and weights.


Experience, know-how and latest-generation technology at your service, to optimize and speed up production, eliminating any criticality.

Dedicated. Tailored. More efficient.

In the plastics recovery sector, waste is usually in the form of mixed, inhomogeneous material of varying specific weight. In addition, it often carries impurities and contaminants.

Standard systems are not designed to work under these conditions: wear and tear, breakdowns, downtime and inefficiencies are common problems that slow down production and severely affect the quality of the end product.

This is why we have developed technologies optimized for plastic recycling, which are stronger, more efficient and, above all, tailored to the specific needs of your plant. To give you the peace of mind of a safe result.


For every problem, a solution.

The Green Economy is a duty before being an economic opportunity.
For the plastics industry, this means promoting a circular economy, striving to produce more and more from regenerated materials.
To do this, we need tools designed specifically to adapt to the characteristics of the material and the specifics of the production process.
Tools capable of guaranteeing continuity and consistently high performance.

Inhomogeneous material?
LORANDI adapts.

One of the main problems with the use of recycled raw materials is that each load is made up of inhomogeneous waste, with different thicknesses and specific weights. This is compounded by the tendency to use lighter and lighter materials that are better suited to new market requirements.

Our specialists analyze your plant to create a line calibrated to your needs, where each individual element – from the silos to the blowers – adapts perfectly to the weight and volume of the incoming plastic, allowing you to optimize production in terms of quality and quantity.

Component wear and tear?
We eliminate weak points.

Remanufactured materials, apart from being very light, can also be very abrasive, as in the case of PET (used for drinks bottles) or polystyrene. Plastics sometimes contain residual contaminants (traces of glue or other chemicals, for example), which tend to wear out machinery over time.

For this reason, we have developed ad hoc components, with special reinforcements and sealing points in brass or Teflon, heat treatments and ceramic coatings that make the entire system more resistant to wear from mechanical or chemical agents, and therefore more solid and reliable over time..

Inadequate exhaust systems?
The right silo.

It can happen that some of the material remains at the bottom of the silo, or that the raw material cannot be discharged smoothly and at the appropriate speed.

Thanks to the use of vibrating bottoms, mechanical devices and other design features, our silos can be emptied easily, quickly and without leaving any plastic inside. A smart way to avoid waste and costly cleaning or maintenance

Are you looking for a system that is also suitable for food grade?
We make it in stainless steel.

Not all plastics are the same and not all production lines have the same characteristics. When processing recycled plastics for food grade applications, safety is the most important requirement.

That is why all our equipment – from silos and pipes to mixers – is made of stainless steel, which is stronger, more durable and not prone to corrosion, rust or other changes that could compromise product quality.

LORANDI experience at your service.

We have been working in the plastic regeneration sector for over thirty years. We were among the first to support companies with analysis and design tools and to provide them with the most advanced technology.


Over the years we have honed our skills and today we are able to offer ourselves as a partner of reference for those working in the plastic recycling sector, exploiting the strength of a group that boasts, in the various sectors, over 5,000 customers worldwide.

The human factor.

People are at the heart of any production activity.
That is why you can count on our technicians, our designers and an in-house team of fitters to follow every stage of the installation of your new system.


Our plants are tailor-made and designed to be versatile, allowing you to manage production optimally even with raw materials of different quality and size.

Before, during and after.

By relying on LORANDI NAME you can carry out the entire system – from post-washing to final packaging – optimizing performance, costs and times, with the convenience and security of a single supplier always at your disposal.


Those who choose us entrust us with the entire design and implementation of all systems, with the certainty of obtaining the perfect customized product for the needs of each individual application. A sign of trust, fruit of the results obtained, which repays us for our commitment to the search for ever better solutions.


Each line is made up of many different machines and devices, each performing a specific function. Coordinating each stage is not an easy task, but it is essential to enable all elements to communicate with each other in the best possible way.

Thanks to SMARTJOB software – developed by our Plamatic software division – you have the advantage of being able to monitor and manage everything in real time in a simple and intuitive way.

Just like the entire system, SMARTJOB is completely tailor-made and helps you to analyze, organize, store data and optimize your work with a view to integration 4.0.
Movement, transport and storage times in the silos, phase-by-phase control of the weight of the material, a general overview of the work status and many customized functions.
A technology that speaks your language, perfectly tailored to your production characteristics and objectives.