Silos are the main part of our production range, we build them in Stainless Steel or in Aluminium. The realization through high technology allows us to contain plastic materials in granules, flakes or powder form, as well as food products like flour, sugar and milk in the
same forms. We realize Monolithic Silos completely welded with innovative calendering and automated welding tecniques in a tower
located in the italian headquarters in Brescia. We are also able to build Silos with overlapped rings with special beading covered by
many licences, both in stainless steel and in Magnelis® steel (first in the world): with this modular system we can economize the
transportation by ending the assemby at the Costumer’s location.

Our Silos have optimal monitoring and control solutions, both for
the contents weight and for the internal humidity filtration or maintenance. They can be completed with many different solutions, for
a more personalization with the purpose of satisfy each Costumer’s need. They can be perfectly incorporated as 4.0 industry. The storage material, as the eventual complete plant, entrusts the management to our software called DRIVESILOS®, it’s developped internally
to our committed company Plamatic, but it can easily interact with other softwares on the market.

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