MVL Mixers

Vertical Mixer for granules and rigid flakes mixing, available in different sizes and capacities. Realized in painted steel and stainless steel AISI 304. In option uploading cells, top unloading pipe to fill the big-bag, forced load to a faster big-bag emptying, timer pause/work on the electrical panel. On request, versions with a capacity up to 50.000 liters. Available version on wheels up to 2.450 liters.

* SCS= Safety cap system

product data sheet


MVL 5 50030026301150670200850150685
MVL 10100060028251600700250850200800
MVL 181800108032501600700250850200800
MVL 252500150038501600750250900200800
MVL 353500210039001600700320800200950
MVL 5050003000420019007503208002001000
MVL 8080004800460023507503208002001000
MVL 100100006000510023507503208002001000
MVL 120120007200510024507503208002001000
MVL 140140008400565024507503208002001000
MVL 160160009600620024507503208002001000
MVL 1801800010700650024507503508002001000
MVL 2002000012000700024509204008002001000
MVL 22022000132006200280092040012002001000
MVL 24024000144006800280092040012002001000
MVL 26026000156007100280092040012002001000
MVL 280280001680077002950105040012002001000

* The kg are calculated with a specific weight of the material of 0,6 kg/dm³


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