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Silos - Lorandi
1. Silos

Silos are the main part of our production range, we build them in Stainless Steel or in Aluminium. We realize Monolitic Silos completely welded with innovative calendering and automated welding techniques in a tower located in the italian headquarters in Brescia.

Components - Lorandi
2. Modulpipe

The Modulpipe division deals with the selection of loose materials conveying system. Today available both in LH border version and LT SMART powder sealing system border.

Food division
3. Food division

We design and build plants for the handling, mixing and storage of flours, semolina and other food products, designed according to the needs of each customer.

Machinery - Lorandi
4. Machinery

The Machinery division deals with the machines of our company which are studied for the product preparation: vertical mixers, possible in MVL version, MTS version or MODULAR version. With a capacity up to 50.000lt, possible in painted carbon steel or stainless steel. Horizontal mixers, possible in painted carbon steel or stainless steel, also suitable for food purposes.

Recycling- Lorandi
5. Plastic Recycling

The Recycling division, deals with our company machines, such as turnkey plants for auxiliary equipment-around-extrusion and washing lines, silos for washed plastic scarps and flakes, pre-cleaners for air separation.

6. Customer service

One of the strengths of Lorandi Silos is the special attention paid to our customers, even after the delivery of the products, through a dedicated professional service.
We take care of your needs quickly, flexibly and efficiently.



Customer care

Rapid response

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The Lorandi name has been synonymous with versatility and innovation since 1946. These characteristics have enabled the company to provide a prompt, highly-tailored service with industrial-level capability. As a result, our customers can trust us to increase the efficiency of their production.

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