Aluminium monolithic silos


Latest-generation alloy welded by state-of-the-art robots. Lorandi’s business since 1952.

Our range of aluminium silos features a successful combination of lightweight material and absolute solidity.

A silo is subjected to violent stress when the material is being discharged, so we always have to take this factor into account. Building silos made of aluminium that can withstand stress without the risk of implosion. The aluminium we use is certified, as are our welding procedures, to ensure that our silo perform perfectly at all times.

Besides, an aluminium silo is highly versatile. We can even build telescopic ones in two different-diameter sections that can go one inside the other to reduce transport costs.

We always place great emphasis on safety and quality requirements, which for us are of vital importance. We can also supply the mathematical calculation and an anti-implosion panel.


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