Every year hundreds of millions of tons of plastic (molded, extruded, thermoformed) are produced and processed all over the world and in various applications, and new plastics are subsequently transformed into millions of packages and products.
For this reason, the reuse, recovery and recycling of plastics are of paramount importance.

Over the years we have supported our customers by providing our experience and facilities.

The recycling of plastic, a fundamental act to safeguard our Planet, represents a great advantage (also economic) and can also bring many benefits as it allows companies to develop and use modern and advanced technologies.
With this philosophy, we produce special silos for ultralight materials and flakes dedicated to the management of waste materials, air separators and pre-cleaners for the separation of dust and plastic material of different specific weight.

The company Lorandi Silos, which has always been sensitive to the protection and respect of the ecosystem, is increasingly specializing in the development of new products and technologies for the world of recycling.

In recent years we have developed machines dedicated to PET treatment, updating the Fiberpet vacuum feeders and MVL mixers, thus completing the range dedicated to recycling.

To date, we continue to develop and update each machine to optimize its durability and effectiveness, convinced that the future of recycling is still to be written.

alimentatori per flakes

Vacuum mixing feeder mod. FIBERPET, suitable for materials difficult to extract and transport such as ground PET flakes.
Capacity 1.500 litres, power 2kW

Silos Polmone

Silos for light plastic (ground film flakes) with flat bottom, internal stirrer and material extraction screw. Made of galvanized steel and AISI 304 stainless steel. Capacity from 5m³ to 20m³. Cylindrical or conical version

Device for separating plastic material with different specific weight. Equipped with vibrating platform with double suction flow adjustment. Optionally it can be completed according to customer requirements with pneumatic transport up to clean material bagging and waste in big-bags. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Capacity up to 4.000 kg/h (flakes) or 8.000 kg/h (granule) in the Double version.


Available in LP12 and LP20 models. Suitable to separate plastic material with different specific weight. Aerodynamic separation through a centrifugal blower. Realized in painted steel.

Diffusore con ventilatore

Heating system for pneumatic conveying, to be installed between the launch fan and the venturi system or rotary valve, suitable to reduce the percentage of residual moisture in the granules or flakes of plastic material. Made of AISI 304.
High efficiency, reduced energy consumption (only 14 Kw installed). Easily installable and removable by means of LH quick clamps Minimum overall dimensions. Adaptable to existing or new installations, applicable to all types and models of fans (with the exception of cross-flow versions – performance subject to variations).

Vertical mixer for granules and rigid flakes mixing, available in various sizes and capacities. Made of painted steel and AISI 304 stainless steel. Optional loading cells, top discharge for big-bag filling, forced loading for quick bag emptying, pause/work timer in the electric panel. On request, versions with capacity up to 50,000 litres.

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